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Keith Barry blends mind-bending mentalism with transformative business insights, delivering tailored experiences that empower and inspire.

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Motivational Speaker & Thought leader

Keith’s captivating keynotes delve into an array of cutting-edge techniques that effortlessly embed a champion mindset and foster unwavering mental toughness deep within the subconscious.

In an engaging fusion of entertainment and enlightenment, Keith’s keynotes showcase mind-bending mentalism demonstrations that leave audiences spellbound. Yet, amidst the astonishment, the core corporate message remains firmly at the forefront, ensuring a seamless integration of inspiration and business acumen.

As your employees and delegates immerse themselves in the experience, they will learn the art of programming their goals and targets at a profound level, empowering them to shatter barriers and embrace their true potential.

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Popular Keynote Topics

Keith also creates customised keynotes; if you don’t see your topic below, don’t hesitate to ask for suitable alternatives.

Redefine The Impossible

  • Transform you and your team’s mindset from impossible to ‘I’m Possible’.
  • Neurologically shift from ordinary to extraordinary.
  • Discover Keith’s formula for success: (W+MA) x SATT= GS.

Motivational Mentalism

  • Energise your team to improve employee engagement.
  • Dramatically motivate attendees to achieve world class results.
  • Create a culture where employees will consistently stay motivated.

Elevate: Unleash The Leader Within

  • Delve into your inner potential to unleash the guiding force of true leadership.
  • Weave the Tapestry of Connection: Learn how to use storytelling and authentic communication to forge unbreakable bonds of trust and inspiration.
  • Discover actionable strategies essential for guiding your team to success.

Beyond Words: The Art of Non-Verbal Influence

  • Learn to read and understand people’s non-verbal cues, empowering you to communicate effectively and influence others positively on a subconscious level.
  • Know what your customer or colleague is thinking without them saying a single word!
  • Build genuine connections: Through Keith’s expert guidance, individuals will discover the power of non-verbal rapport-building, fostering authentic connections with others and creating a lasting impact in their interactions.

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It’s rare to find a speaker who can entertain and inspire like Keith Barry.

- Frankie Sheahan
CEO, Pendulum Summit

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