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For two captivating decades, Keith Barry has dazzled audiences with his mind-bending live entertainment shows, leaving crowds in sheer amazement.

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Keith’s performances, a fusion of magic, mentalism, and illusion, have consistently drawn sold-out crowds to theatres worldwide. With a mastery of his craft that knows no bounds, Keith has redefined the boundaries of reality, taking spectators on a breathtaking journey through the uncharted territories of the human mind.

If you’re yearning for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, be sure not to miss out on one of Keith’s upcoming shows by clicking the links below and securing your spot for an unforgettable night of wonder and enchantment.

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Keith Barry

Mind Games

Join Keith on tour with his brand new theatre show Mind Games. Mind Games will remain a mystery with the content of the show being kept a complete secret except for those lucky enough to witness it live.

Tour Dates

7th Sep, 2024

Gleneagle INEC Arena, Killarney

21st Sep, 2024

TLT Theatre, Drogheda

28th Sep, 2024

Black Box, Galway

12th Oct, 2024

TF Royal, Castlebar

18th Oct, 2024

Wexford Spiegeltent

26th Oct, 2024

University Concert Hall, Limerick


Live Shows

Tour Alert: Keith Barry's Mind Games – Experience the Unbelievable!


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