Mind Magic

Mind Magic is Keith’s first book for kids.

Interweaving stories from Keith’s own childhood with inspirational tips and life lessons, Mind Magic will encourage kids to embed a winning mindset, develop their own mental strength, build their confidence, learn how to adapt and respond to setbacks, and realise their true potential.

Adapted from his bestselling book for adults, Brain Hacks, Keith shares techniques that have helped thousands of people to achieve their dream, now reworked for children.

So, whether you want confidence to speak up at school, ways to improve your concentration to do well in tests or a winning mindset for sporting success, Keith shares his own tried and tested tips and tricks to help you succeed.

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Brain Hacks

In this groundbreaking book, Keith reveals a variety of techniques that will help you to cultivate a champion mindset and develop mental toughness subconsciously. These are the very techniques he uses himself every day to achieve the things he wants.

If you feel you are stuck in any sort of a rut or need help in life – whether that’s in your career, your finances, your personal life, your professional life, or anything else – this book will help you to move forward. When you master these methods, you too can program your mind to have all the success you desire

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