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Keith Barry is a world-renowned Mentalist, Magician & Subconscious Mind specialist. He inspires audiences to break through performance barriers and reprogramme their subconscious minds to accomplish their biggest goals.


Keith Barry helps businesses and their staff to excel in their professional and personal lives by guiding them to access their own subconscious minds. In doing so, he ensures they stay true to themselves without losing integrity and never compromising their values and morals. Keith’s keynotes are fully customizable and always designed to be fun-filled, interactive with the core corporate message always at the forefront.

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Redefine The Impossible

The greatest obstacle we face when trying to achieve our goals and dreams is our self-limiting beliefs.  As a magician, Keith redefines the word “impossible”, and in this keynote, he teaches you to do the same. Learn how to think like a magician and apply it to your career whilst staying true to your morals and values along the way.

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Brain Hacker

Keith has the unique ability to hack into people’s minds and rewire their subconscious.  In this keynote, he shares a variety of techniques that will embed a champion mindset and develop mental toughness subconsciously.  

  • Learn to understand the power of your subconscious mind.
  • Develop an iron-clad and bulletproof mindset.
  • Programme your goals and targets deep within.
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Motivational Mentalism

Keith will simultaneously motivate and amaze your team with his mind-altering mentalism show.

  • Empower employees to think and act like CEOs.
  • Reignite passion and motivation within your team.
  • Develop a winning business family.
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Keith Virtual

Collaborate with Keith to create your bespoke virtual event.

If you are looking for a way to inspire, motivate or entertain, Keith and his virtual tech team have the solutions for you.