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Keith has the unique ability to hack into people’s minds and rewire their subconscious. He uses a variety of advanced techniques that will embed a champion mindset and develop mental toughness subconsciously.

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Keith combines brain hacking, humour and visualization techniques to entertain, inspire and create a winning mindset.

The techniques Keith uses include but are not limited to hypnosis, visualization, and NLP in order to attain personal mastery and achieve seemingly impossible goals. He has used these techniques with top athletes and business professionals around the world for more than 2 decades.

Keith has the rare ability to blow audience’s minds and also create a winning mindset on a subconscious level. Keith’s coaching is focused on assisting professionals to target their goals subconsciously and exceed those goals within a realistic timeframe. He will deliver valuable messaging and content on achieving peak performance and offer insights into what it takes to constantly be ‘in the zone’.

If you are ambitious about personal mastery and want to learn how to hack your subconscious mind Keith’s strategies and systems are an invaluable tool for success.

Audiences will learn to:

  • Hack their own subconscious minds.
  • Programme their goals and targets deep within.
  • Take their mindset to a whole new level.
  • Wake up daily with a winning attitude.
  • Propel their businesses years ahead of the competition.
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Keith is one of the World’s premiere speakers on hacking your subconscious mind to achieve peak performance.

He has helped many international companies such as Tumi, Everseen and Anglo American to unleash the creative power of their personnel and develop employees who programme their unconscious for greatness.

He has also helped top athletes such as former Ireland rugby captain Rory Best to fine-tune their brains and optimise their subconscious mindset.

If you want to lead your team to unlock their inner potential and their inner magic get in touch now.

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