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Keith Barry is a world-renowned Mentalist, Magician & Subconscious Mind specialist. His entertaining keynotes and live performances inspire audiences to break through performance barriers and reprogramme their subconscious minds to accomplish their biggest goals. 

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Redefine The Impossible

Keith Barry has learned that the power of the subconscious mind can not only wow and delight, but can also empower you to achieve great things once you harness it.  Keith has harnessed his own subconscious mind and now, he will reveal how you can do the same. In his keynote, he will teach you the secrets of how to unlock your subconscious mind to unleash your inner potential.

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Insanity Tour 2020

INSANITY is Keith’s most insane theatre tour ever where he will blur the line between genius and insanity. Featuring live lobotomies, electroshock therapy, and insane mind-reading, this is a show like no other.

Keith On Instagram

Join Keith on Instagram @TheKeithBarry to follow his daily adventures and stay in touch.

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